Q: What is it?

A: It's simple...

  • Buy as many items as your little heart desires
  • Try on everything you bought...get a second opinion!....have a fitting party! 
  • Don't like the way something looks? E-mail us at returns@angelcupboard.com and we'll e-mail you a Pre-Paid Shipping Label
  • Simply print off & slap on the pre-paid return label to our original shipping box & drop it off at your nearest Canada Post Office
  • Get an instant refund/exchange for whatever you didn't choose to keep 
  • Prance around like the Proud Canadian you are in what you DID choose to keep ;o) 

Q: Sounds great, how many items can I purchase?

A: As many as you want, there is NO limit. If your order is over 1kg in weight it may be shipped in multiple boxes. Each box will have it's own tracking number. 

Q: Bigger bill means bigger Customs bill right?

A: Our warehouse is located in Ontario, Canada...so NO CUSTOMS FEES!!! 

Q: How long do I have to return?

A: You have 30 days from the time of your purchase. 

Q: How long will it take for my original order to arrive?

A: Most orders arrive ANYWHERE in Canada within 10 business days. We have even quicker shipping options for you to choose from during your checkout.

Q: Can I take the tags off, wear my new clothes THEN return them?

A: No you silly moose, items must be returned with original tags on and with their original plastic.

Q: Some of the items I want are on "pre-order", how does that work?

A: If you ordered ONLY pre-order items, your 30 days begins from the time they are shipped NOT from your purchase date. If you purchased pre-order AND items in stock we will ship the in stock items first and a second box when the pre-order items arrive. 

Q: I purchased a lot of stuff and received a gift card but then returned some items, is my gift card still valid?

A: When we receive your returned items we'll take a second look at your bill and decide if your gift card needs to be readjusted. Don't worry, we'll contact you if any changes are made. 

Q: I returned 1 item and therefore used up my Pre-Paid Shipping Label but now I want to return something else, what do I do?

A: Contact us and we'll send you as many pre-paid labels as you need. Yes, we REALLY like you that much :o) 

Q: My box took longer than 10 days to arrive and now I have less time to fall in love with my clothes, can you help me?

A: We have an entire team devoted to tracking packages and sometimes packages take longer due to weather, taking a longer route, etc to arrive, don't worry we've got your back, we'll extend your 30 days. 

Q: Ooops, I lost track of time and went over my 30 days, now what?

A: Talk to us! Let us know your circumstances and our Customer Relations Team will work with you to resolve the issue. (returns@angelcupboard.com)

Q: I'm super excited about getting my box of goodies, how do I check the status?

A: ALL boxes travel with tracking, when you provide us with your e-mail address we attach that to the tracking number and you will get updates at every checkpoint. You can also select "TRACK MY ORDER" on the top right hand corner of our site and enter the tracking number to follow along. 

Q: You're Canadian but aren't your prices in USD? What's up with that?!!!

A: We purchase a lot of our stock in USD so to make prices easy to compare for our customers and with the exchange rate constantly fluctuating we've decided to keep it in USD. We do have a currency converter which can be found on the top right hand corner of our site.  

Q: I have more questions, who do I contact?

A: We loooooove getting e-mails from our customers...ask us anything at returns@angelcupboard.com

Q: I'm from the great US of A...what about me?!!!

A: Residence of USA and other countries worldwide are also eligible, but unfortunately we aren't able to create return labels so we reimburse your return shipping fees when your package arrives at our warehouse. Residence outside of Canada are subject to Custom fees.